With over a decade of tax experience with stops in Canada, Belgium, India and Switzerland, Jonathan joined Provision in 2014. Prior to joining ProVision, Jonathan worked as a Tax Manager for one of the top accounting firms in the world as well as a Tax Policy Officer for the Canadian government. During this time, Jonathan has become extremely well versed in the US tax consequences for high net worth individuals living both in the US and abroad.

A lawyer by trade but an accountant at heart, Jonathan works closely with his clients to develop wealth and tax strategies which help clients achieve their financial freedom. Jonathan holds a Masters’ Degree in International Business Law from McGill University, a J.D. from Osgoode Hall Law School and a LL.B. from Universite de Montreal.

Originally from Canada, Jonathan read the siren call of Tax-Free Wealth and endeavored to learn more of the unique services provided by ProVision. Seeing the tremendous opportunity it was he could not pass on the offer to join the team. He moved his young family to the desert and has not regretted it for a moment.

Seeing others achieve success in their journey to financial freedom has made every minute at ProVision an unforgettable experience even during Arizona’s blistering summer.


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