In January 2008 Scott became a Partner in the ProVision team after being with the firm for two years. He came to us from Idaho where he was the managing partner of his own accounting firm. He is passionate about accounting and taxes, relishing the challenge in finding the best possible solution for every client.

Scott’s ten years of experience running his own accounting firm helps him relate to and understand the problems and concerns of other business entrepreneurs. He specializes in helping clients develop their wealth strategies and using tax savings to help them accumulate wealth.

As someone who has been investing in real estate for over thirteen years, Scott enjoys working with real estate investors and professionals to accelerate their financial freedom through real estate investing. He is able to provide insight into analyzing opportunities in addition to ensuring real estate investors and professionals maximize their tax benefits while maintaining liability protection.

Scott graduated with a Bachelors degree in Accounting from Utah State University. He and his wife Amie are the proud parents of four children.


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