Accelerating the path to financial freedom for entrepreneurs and investors

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Launched in 1998 to provide the best tax & wealth services available. From the beginning our mission has always been to provide a long-term vision for your financial and business future.


Providing leading tax management services nationwide, as well as fostering innovation, diversity, ethics and integrity to strengthen our organization and our people.

What We Do

We accelerate the financial freedom of entrepreneurs by designing, implementing & reporting tax, business strategies. The strategies we use are normally reserved for major corporations because they can be extremely complex. There is nothing routine about this approach. Each case has to be studied in depth, and considerable creativity is invested to get a result.

At the core of our approach is a long-term vision for your financial and business future. That’s why your strategy will be designed for years, if not decades, ahead.

We don't use loopholes

There are accountants who will claim to reduce your taxes by bending the rules. That is absolutely not our way. Integrity is our number one value, and all our methods are completely legal. The good news is that you can achieve truly massive savings within the law – if the right strategy is applied.

We’re NOT financial planners
Financial planners generally focus on how much money you will need when you retire. Typically, they use compound interest and tax deferral so you can save just enough money, so as to not live under a bridge.
We’re Tax Strategists
We begin with your dreams and visions of the future. Then we use the tax law and wealth building strategies to outline an accelerated path to get you there. You should live your dreams not retire them.
Why Choose Us?
When asked why a client used a previous preparer, a common answer we get is that they were less expensive. But think just how expensive it is if you end up over paying your taxes by $5,000, $20,000, or $100,000. The tax return may have been technically correct, but with the proper knowledge and creativity, you could have been receiving $5,000, $20,000, or $100,000 instead of paying.
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On average, our clients reduce their taxes 10-40%*

* Based on the previous strategy of clients who have implemented their complete ProVision Strategy. Calculated using 2014 federal tax brackets and self employment tax. No proprietary formulas used. Individual results of a ProVision strategy vary. Nothing contained herein should be construed as a guarantee of ProVision Services.


Financial freedom is closer than you think. Experience has taught us that clients can accelerate their financial progress much faster than conventional wisdom allows. We have created innovative strategies for building net worth through a combination of leveraged investment and sophisticated tax management..

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On average, our clients reduce their taxes 10-40% based on prior clients who have followed and implemented their complete personal ProVision Tax Strategy.

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Full Service Accounting

Generate more profit and capitalize on new opportunities with our full service accounting services. Bookkeeping and accounting services that fit YOUR needs.

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