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G. Smith

It feels so good to get our financial snowball rolling. Using the financial calculator made it real. We can actually start with our little resources and build it into financial freedom in about 12 years (probably more like 8 to 10 years). I wish we had started this 10 years ago, but right now is the next best time to start! Thank you ProVision!

Mark Masso

I am very happy to have met two senior tax advisors with such quality and relative experience with the type of issues I have. I am confident that the educational component of this program along with the consultations and action items to complete will help me clarify many goals and allow me to make better decisions.

Cory W.

Very informative and I felt comfortable with the entire process. I am excited to see this through and reap the rewards of my results.

Mr. Lawless

Every question I asked was answered. Extremely organized and I couldn't have asked for the meeting to be more productive.

Matthew B.

Our strategy team was incredibly smart, insightful, and down to earth. They made the conversation fun and the information easy to digest. They made me feel that our best interest and goals are their number one priority. I'm very grateful to have them both working on our team to help us get set up for success.

Jerry V.

First meeting was a great bird's eye view of what to expect and I was even given a few immediate action steps to take to get the ball rolling towards financial independence.


Our first meeting went well! Casey and Michael did a great job laying out the plan for our upcoming meetings.

S. Lau

I really enjoyed how the Wealth Strategist provided a detailed outline for attaining my goals. It was presented in a friendly, collaborative manner that truly made me feel we are on a team. He gave me confidence that my goals were attainable by giving me a clear direction on how to be successful. I know that I will achieve my wealth goals because I am on winning team.


Both Casey and Matt were great. Got right to the point and suffered through some uneducated questions on my part. Answered it all perfectly.

S. Joshi

Had a great conversations and got great advise on wealth strategy.


I'm learning a lot. Provision is definitely more than Just a CPA firm, They focus on education and empowerment. You can't move forward until you understand the philosophy and principles behind your actions. I am not dissatisfied.


Many many thanks to Jonathan Hadida and Jason Sym for education us on the right path. We learned alot, and continue learning. I read lots of books on wealth strategies (that is good but not enough). We are happy to start better future with provision.

Patricia Burns

Very professional. Extremely helpful in focusing in on our wealth strategy. Although this was our first meeting, we are excited to dive into the strategy sessions.

S. Shone

[ProVision's] enthusiasm for my situation really gave me so much hope that my seemingly outrageous (at least to outsiders) plans for passive income and massive wealth are not far away and definitely achievable.

EJ Bodnar

Our first meeting was educational, productive and enjoyable. It was a good start to a long term beneficial relationship and a path to building massive wealth.

David H.

My first meeting with ProVision was exactly what I was expecting. It reinforced the plan of attack and the benefits that I am looking for by enlisting ProVision for assistance and guidance. They were also able to direct me to some ProVision tools that will help me to solidify the basis for my plans.

Robert & Anita

Sharp, fast, to the point, as expected 🙂

Allan H.

Getting started with ProVision has been a rewarding experience. This is a great way to learn and work with a qualified team to improve your business.

Ben A

It was awesome talking to Jonathan--he was very knowledgeable, inspiring, and helped us understand several potential tax strategies that should save us tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars long-term.

Dustin Wiggins

Meeting with Johnathan and Christina was great! Johnathan talked me through the agenda and was very intent on taking all matters of my situation into consideration. Now for the fun part, to see how good ProVision truly is at tax strategy.

Jerry Birdsong

[My ProVision strategist] made me feel at ease from the very beginning and focused on two areas of importance: (1) the wealth and tax program and process as it applies to my individual circumstance and (2) getting RESULTS. He made sure he clearly understood my investment goals and mapped a macro approach to getting there.

Cathy C.

Just started and feel great. My advisors and I had a good conversation on where we are now and what we need to do in order to get to where we want to be. They also gave us things to do to get started - and homework to help us learn more to get there faster. Looking forward to the next session.

Scott Braswell

My financial life is admittedly a mess from poor decisions I have made. My coach made me feel at ease and I have no doubt I am in the right place to get my life on track and beyond. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with ProVision

Mark B.

Great first strategy meeting!

Bart Barthold

I was very excited and a little apprehensive prior to my first ProVision meeting. Excited because for the first time in my life was going to get both wealth and tax advice. Apprehensive because I have big dreams as an entrepreneur and I am willing to work hard, take some managed risks if only someone could simplify legal entities, tax consequences and help with a game plan. Yesterday I met with "My new coach." It was a great meeting. Thank you ProVision.


Our CPA is very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Vicky J

My first strategy call was amazing. I finally feel like I will have a comprehensive plan to help me reach my goals and the focus I need to achieve them. The whole process gets you to really figure out what you want and then to focus on how to get there. I can't wait for my next strategy call.

Max Manatt

Our first meeting was concise and to the point. Covering the topics that we had indicated were important to us. Now we have an excellent action plan moving forward to put an effective tax strategy in place for our business and investments.


We spoke with Jim Ross, he was very easy to follow and explained things in detail. I wish We had more time to get into things more. He was awesome, and I cant wait to work with him.

G. Lofton

Great fundamentals for a novice or experienced user.

Adrian S

Lori and Cristina did a great job! They are very knowledgeable in taxes and legal issues, too!

Hoang Ly

I spoke with Jim. He showed a lot of care by explaining high level tax structures, what I should do next in terms of tax benefits (I am new to it), and what I should be expecting from the team.


Timely, to the point and precise.

R. Alan

The insight and learning in the course material allowed me to make decisions regarding my entity formation (type and tax status) and provided planning options for future changes that may occur in my business from the viewpoint of tax structure within the entity. Overall great insight and well worth the time and money spent. Thank You ProVision and Wealth Strategy U!!!

K. Prewitt

I am excited to get started on my tax saving/real estate journey. I enjoyed speaking with Tim and Todd. They both seem very knowledgeable on the subject.

Eric Larsen

In my first meeting, many of my questions were answered and it felt like my CPA has a good grasp on my situation based on his questions. I look forward to our next meeting to lay out the plan.

Jennifer & Calvin Reed

My wife and I ended our first strategy meeting with a burning desire that wasn't present before the phone call. Our tax strategists, Casey and Jim, were thorough in their approach to express the ProVision wealth and tax ideals; along with how they pertained to our own specific plan. By showing us tangible evidence that our wealth goals are truly attainable, they have sparked a light in us that will NEVER GO OUT!!!

C. Anastasio

My first consultation with ProVision was outstanding. My CPAs, Jonathan and Bryce, were thorough and engaged, covering all aspects of my situation pertinent to my wealth strategy. Their knowledgeable and energetic approach affirmed my decision to work with ProVision. I'm excited to continue working with them on my wealth and tax strategies.

B Peterka

ProVision treated us with respect as we appropriately addressed our tax issues. They were very professional in advising us of alternatives to save money and helped to understand those alternatives.

Chuck Easley

[My ProVision strategist] knew what questions to ask to get the creative solutions flowing - very friendly and professional.

S. Barrett

Very informative and to the point. I am excited to see what is next and to finally get truly organized by titans of knowledge.

Scott Medlin

The first meeting exceeded expectations and time flew quickly. I am looking forward to the relationship!


It was wonderful to notice that the tax team was very well prepared and read all documents sent to them. They analyzed our previous tax return and asked the right questions. The head of team was very experienced and gave us an insight about the future tax strategy to be put in place. My spouse and I are looking forward for the next meeting.

Toni Flora

Jonathan was extremely helpful, has really high energy, and is quite funny. I enjoy working with him! Although Zhi Farn is relatively new to the firm, she is very attentive and pays close attention to detail! My team is awesome! And of course, the first days dealing with Brad were extremely helpful. He sealed the deal quite easily by explaining things, and drawing them out on a dry erase table that made me pull out my credit card and say you're hired!

S. Middleton

I have finally found someone who is willing to listen to me and help me with my needs! In the past, the CPA always looked in the rear view mirror. Now I have a team that is helping me look to the future and what I need and want!


I have taken most of the Rich Dad classes and my husband has not. Listening and doing this strategy together keeps us on the same page. Sometimes I'll say something about what I'm learning and it's difficult for me to explain it to my husband. However, now that we are doing this together, I'm seeing the light bulb come on in him. We are getting on the same page and growing together and I couldn't be happier.

M. Schmidt

This is the way to go for taxes! Never thought I would find someone like this. If they don't know the answer, they find out! I'm just so glad that there is someone that wants to reduce your taxes as much as possible, and they are not "scared" of the IRS. Way to go!!!

Fahriye & Russ Walter

Many many thanks to Jonathan Hadida and Jason Sym for education us on the right path. We learned alot, and continue learning. I read lots of books on wealth strategies (that is good but not enough). We are happy to start better future with provision.


[My ProVision strategist] was friendly and very helpful with immediate action steps to start me on my way to true wealth. He was very encouraging about some steps I had already taken in that direction.

Jason Johnson

My advisors were relevant, enthusiastic and knowledgable! Great first session... and I have been telling my friends and colleagues what a buzz I have after my first meeting and how much I look forward to my next meeting with 'my tax guys'! They are so much more!

Greg Vassie

First meeting went exceptionally well. Bryce was beyond knowledgeable on my current situation and was able to assess where I want to be with his help. Looking forward to progressing through the program.

Robert Butler

My first meeting with Jim Ross and Matt Nunn from ProVision was eye-opening and extremely informative. In our first hour, we were able to lay the foundation of where I am coming from, what I hope to achieve as I establish my wealth, and the potential paths I might take to get there. I am very much looking forward to my next meeting with ProVision, and I expect that my time with them will be the best investment that I can make.

A. & D. Lewandowski

Jonathan was high energy and set clear expectations as to how we would move through our strategy meetings. We look forward to continue to work with him.

J & C Smith

We were very impressed with how well we were paired off with two wealth/tax strategists that fit and complimented both of us. They really made us feel relaxed and seemed genuinely interested in our thoughts and dreams. We look forward to our next meeting greatly.


My advisor is a good listener. He understands my dreams, desires and goals and is willing to help me get there. He offered wealth and tax strategies and tips that I need to implement to "clean up" my current affairs. I look forward to working with him and becoming more efficient with his help as opposed to on my own


The team's first session was very helpful and I can't wait for the next sessions! In the midst of my busy life, you guys are already helping me focusing on what's really important and I am sure it will keep getting better! Thank you for being great and helping us improve!

Tyler Sheff

The advisors listened to me and asked a good number of questions in order to understand my needs better. I now feel that I have a highly skilled tax professional on my team. It allows me to breathe a sign of relief and to better focus on building my business without worry that I am making tax mistakes. I also feel that i have tapped into a wealth of information to better prepare me personally and professionally.

Randy and Staci Wilson

Everyone was very helpful and eager to help my wife and I begin to see our wealth goals become reality. We can't wait for our next session.

Kerby Skurat

It was great to get right down to business and talk through all the components of the structure that we need. I'm happy that we did most of the talking and our accountant did all the question asking. It felt like they were trying to learn everything possible about our business and what our goals were so they could structure is as best as they possibly could. This was just our first session, I'm pumped to see the final product!

Steve M.

I have purchased other tax reduction info products that were helpful but did not provide a clear strategy for achieving my goals. My ProVision strategist was able to clearly grasp my situation and help me to understand the implications of various options. This enables me to feel more confident in deciding the best tax strategy.

A. Dotcheva

They were very friendly and approachable during our first meeting yesterday. They listened very actively to my concerns regarding my financial goals. I was given a clear explanation of the strategy and what was expected from both sides. The meeting was educational and inspiring. I am grateful for the approach chosen by ProVision to help people like me move to a higher financial level in life.

Victor Ferrari, MD

[During my first meeting] they clearly explained the process of how they are going to put me on the path of financial freedom. They asked good questions about my situation to understand my current situation and my goals. They were very knowledgeable and already gave me some ideas to implement right away.

Michael and Sarah

My husband and I had our first Wealth and Tax Strategy meeting today and we are excited about working with ProVision. It is good that our coaches took the time to get to know us and our financial picture. We are looking forward to working with them.

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