Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How soon can I get started with services?

The first step is to participate in our free consultation to determine how our services can best help you with your needs and goals. After your consultation, you can engage us immediately for services. The first meeting with your ProVision strategist is typically 3-4 weeks after you engage us as there are items we request you do before your first meeting. And, time is needed to review your file to best match you with one of our strategists. Your assigned ProVision strategist then requires time to review your file before your first meeting.

What are ProVision’s fees?

Our fees vary depending upon your needs and the specific services we deliver. Please participate in our free consultation so we can determine the services that best match your needs and goals.

Can ProVision refer me to tax advisors / CPAs in other states?

We have clients all over the United States and the world. We are able to provide our services to you regardless of where
you are in the U.S.

Can ProVision refer me to tax advisors in other countries?

We do have contacts in other countries (not all countries). We are happy to share that information with you. When we share this information, it is your responsibility to learn more about the contact and the services offered. We recommend you do your own due diligence to make sure this is a good fit for your team. Please complete a contact us form to request this information.

What is a wealth strategy and what is a tax strategy?

A wealth strategy is a systematic plan of action to build permanent wealth. It is customized to your needs and your goals. A tax strategy is a systematic plan of action to permanently reduce your taxes, also customized to your specific situation. The most successful wealth strategies include a tax strategy so tax savings can be leveraged into tax-free wealth.

How does ProVision work with my attorney?

We make our recommendations and with your authorization we will discuss them with your attorney. We strongly recommend having your attorney involved in your tax strategy.


What services does ProVision provide?

We provide wealth and tax strategy services in addition to many other services, including U.S. tax return preparation. Our services extend to many different areas including estate planning, entity selection, maximizing deductions, asset protection (coordinated with your attorney), exit strategies, business planning and much more.

Does ProVision provide international services?

Yes, we have clients in over 15 countries. Our international services include wealth strategy services as well as coordinating the U.S. portion of your international tax strategy.

Does ProVision provide payroll services?

We suggest hiring a payroll service for your payroll needs. Payroll services are very inexpensive and well worth it to make sure it gets done correctly. For current recommendations on payroll services we suggest please contact us.

Does ProVision offer investment advice or make investments for me?

We do not offer any investment advisory services. We suggest participating in our free consultation so we can assess your needs and goals and refer you to someone who can help you with these specific items.

Does ProVision provide tax return preparation services?

Yes, we provide U.S. tax return preparation services. Our goal is to legally minimize your taxes based on your specific facts and circumstances. In order to do this, we must do more than just tax return preparation. For this reason, it is our policy to only prepare tax returns for those who have completed tax strategy services with us or will be completing tax strategy services with us.

Does ProVision provide bookkeeping services?

We suggest outsourcing your bookkeeping to a professional bookkeeper. In some cases, if the activity of your business or investing is simple, then you can do it yourself.

For clients who have been through our strategy services, we offer a service to look at your bookkeeping on a regular basis to make sure it is on track with your tax and / or wealth strategy.

Does ProVision offer assistance with investing in tax liens?

We do not offer any investment advisory services. We suggest participating in our free consultation so we can assess your needs and goals in order to provide recommendations to someone who can help you with these specific items.

If ProVision doesn’t offer investment advisory services, then how does ProVision help me with my wealth strategy?

ProVision works with you to create your wealth strategy. Creating your wealth strategy is the first step in identifying investment criteria that fits with your goals. A wealth strategy provides a system that answers the question “Is XYZ a good investment for me?” In addition, creating your wealth strategy includes identifying others you will need on your team, including those with specific investment expertise or specific licensing.

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