Are you considering a career in finance, but haven’t quite made your mind up? While some people may hold the belief that a financial job is boring, there are actually a vast number of exciting opportunities within the career field. There’s guaranteed to be a fit for everyone. At Provision, we may be a little biased, but we think that pursuing finance planning, wealth strategy, and tax preparation as a career choice is a pretty solid decision to make, and we have the reasons to back it up. Let’s check them out! 

Job Security and Benefits

First and foremost, financial planning and advising a fairly safe career choice. If you want to ensure that you have the promise of a career that grows with you over time, this may be a great fit for you. In addition, many financial careers come with a generous salary, earning on average $70,500 annually. This growing job field is also frequently paired with comprehensive health benefits and retirement packages. The choice to pursue finance is one that will impact your future well-being. 

Professional Network

Finances is a field unlike any other. Instead of viewing other financial advisors as competition, most often, individuals with the career field support their colleagues, providing them with useful information, tips and tricks, and numerous resources. Many finance counselors make themselves available to mentor those new in the career, and as you grow, you can share your wisdom and skills with others as well. In this way, you build a professional network and can greatly impact future generations. 

Multiple Industries

Most often, when we think of a career in finance, we picture cubicles in bank buildings or tax preparation offices. While this is true for many financial advisors, this career field includes so much more. Individuals with experience in finance often go on to be financial advisors or CFOs for large corporations, become auditors, or even gain employment by the government. The possibilities are endless. 

Learning and Growing

As a financial advisor, you will improve your skills of being flexible, retaining new information, and learning new ways of doing things, as the career field changes over the years. Your roles within a company will challenge your thought processes and encourage you to increase your efficiency. A career in finance is not a lifelong sentence to a desk, crunching numbers and filling out forms, but instead, an opportunity to learn and grow and change how companies operate their finances. Expand your mind and affect the future, all by being involved in a financial career. 

Respect and Integrity

Financial advisors are often held in high regards within the career community. It is a job field that is well respected, as it involves integrity and ethics in order to be successful. Individuals and companies trust you with their private and secure information, and to become worthy of that trust, you must exhibit behaviors that are in line with the reputation of the career. 

There are many reasons to consider a career in finance, and many opportunities within the job field. If you are interested, and want to see what your next steps are, or want to see our available positions, contact us today!

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