At ProVision, we offer many financial services to assist you with your wealth-building and wealth-saving successes. Two of these services are wealth strategies and tax strategies. While the difference between these two may seem pretty self-explanatory, it is important to understand what makes each of these services unique, so you can decide if you would like to pursue one or the other, or both! Let’s check them out. 

Tax Strategies

A tax strategy is a systematic plan of action to permanently reduce your taxes, customized to your specific situation. Tax strategies are often the fastest way to put, and keep, money in your pocket. This approach seeks to reduce your taxes, and in turn, increase your wealth. As an individual, taxes can be frustrating to deal with, and it can be tricky to determine how much you owe, if you should be paying throughout the year, what you should be claiming, and more. As a business owner, it can be even more overwhelming. 

When it comes to filing taxes as a business, there are many factors at play. As a business owner, you have more to consider than just your individual self. Chances are, you have exponentially more expenses and income to report, as well as accounting for your employees and the space that houses your business. Having a tax strategy in place can help to alleviate any confusion, and will help you better prepare for tax time. It can also help you avoid any surprises along the way. One average, our clients reduce their taxes by 10-40%. 

Getting started with a tax strategy at ProVision is a pretty painless process. The first step is to get connected with an advisor, who will evaluate your individual and business taxes. Once there is an understanding of where you are starting off, you and your advisor will work together to create a custom strategy on how you should proceed with your taxes moving forward. You then are guided through how to implement this on a consistent basis in order to cultivate the best results. When tax time rolls around, you and your advisor can assess how things are working, make necessary adjustments, and continue making progress on your tax strategy success! 

Wealth Strategies

A wealth strategy is a systematic plan of action to build permanent wealth. It is customized to your needs and your goals. The most successful wealth strategies include a tax strategy so tax savings can be leveraged into tax-free wealth. Ultimately, a successful wealth strategy builds a sustainable life where you can thrive, not just survive, from now until retirement and beyond. We assist you with establishing ways that you can make your money work for you, so you reap more reward without putting in as much excessive effort. 

In order to be successful with this, it is recommended to work with an experienced wealth strategist. It has been shown that those who have established clear goals are ten times more likely to succeed with those who have not defined any goals. Often, it can be difficult to determine what feasible goals are for your financial future, and getting matched with an advisor at ProVision can be a step in the right direction. From there, you work together to come up with an action plan to achieve those goals. You establish ways to put this plan into action, and you assess your progress together along the way. A wealth strategist will ensure that you are set up for success and can help you get to where you want to be financially. 

If you have further questions about tax strategies or wealth strategies, contact our talented team or advisors today! Let’s see what we can accomplish together.

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