If you are considering a career in accounting, financial planning, or wealth advising, you may also be considering tax preparer jobs. While our strategists and advisors already know just how rewarding this career choice can be, we realize that with so many options available, you may need a bit more convincing before you commit to a career in tax preparation.

At ProVision, we offer several tax services for our clients. We view these services as part of our entire ProVision experience, which includes tax strategies, tax consultation, and tax preparation. Let’s check out what these mean to us, and how a career in this field might just be the best decision you make.

Tax Services at ProVision

Tax Strategies

Our tax strategy services focus on planning ahead and determining how to reduce taxes for our clients. Not only does this lessen the amount that our clients will owe, it actually increases their wealth. This service involves knowledge of the tax code and how to make the system work in our clients’ favor. On average, we use this expertise to reduce taxes by 10-40%, which leads to some pretty happy clients.

Tax Consulting

While tax strategies focus on reducing income taxes and building wealth, tax consulting puts more emphasis on minimizing tax liabilities, either for individual clients or corporations. This entails personalized guidance through the best steps for overall tax efficiencies, and utilizing different solutions for various tax tactics.

Tax Preparation

In our tax preparation services, our team members of talented tax professionals and tax specialists aim to analyze our clients’ individualized circumstances to find ways to legally minimize their taxes. We handle Individual, S Corp, C Corp, Partnership, Trust, and more tax returns. To make tax time as stress-free as possible for our clients, we prepare complete tax returns that minimize the taxes owed and reduce chances of an IRS audit.

Is Tax Preparer a Good Job?

Now that you understand how we break down our tax services, you may be wondering where you fit in. Have you ever wondered, “Is tax preparation a good career”? If you are questioning if a career in tax strategy, consultation, and preparation is right for you, we have outlined just a handful of the benefits below!


At ProVision, we realize that taxes can be time-consuming, confusing, and frustrating for our clients. We recognize that our clients have a lot on their plates already, and we have the expertise to help lighten the load. Having this ability to help out is rewarding.

Our strategists have witnessed first-hand the relief that our clients experience when we are not only able to assist them with the preparation of their taxes, but also saving them money at the same time. Knowing that you are having a direct positive impact is a rewarding feeling. 

Financial Freedom

While you are helping others save money, build wealth, and invest in their financial future, you are doing the same for yourself. Tax prep and other jobs in finance are typically lucrative, and while we don’t think you should do it just for the money, it is certainly a benefit that pays off. In some circumstances, you can even retain more control of your finances than other careers, as you can decide to take on more or less clientele. 

Job Security

It is no secret that taxes are a legal obligation of every American citizen, and there is always a stress and a frenzy that surrounds the tax season. Ultimately, there will always be individuals and corporations who seek out assistance with the tax preparation process. Because taxes are not going anywhere anytime soon, there is a tremendous amount of job security in holding a tax preparation, consultation, or strategy position.

Federal tax preparers need to apply for and be issued a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) by the Internal Revenue Service. You can also apply to become one of the Internal Revenue Service’s enrolled agents to represent taxpayers before the IRS but you have to pass other necessary steps besides obtaining a PTIN. There are also part-time and seasonal tax preparer opportunities out there if you wish to work on your time and terms!

If you are looking for a career that you can grow in for many years to come, this branch of finances might just be for you. 

Tax Preparer Jobs near Me

If you are interested in checking out tax preparer jobs and other available positions and seeing if you would be a good fit at ProVision, check out our career page here.

If you have additional questions or are interested in pursuing one of our services, contact us here!

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